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NFT MONK is a marketplace for NFTs. We’re proud to be the first and largest truly Indian marketplace for NFTs. At NFT Monk, you can purchase, create, buy, sell, and store your collection of NFTs.

NFTs are not only digital art collections but are nowadays seen as an alternate investment tool. NFTs can be traded and can even be held for a long time so as value appreciates.

NFT Monk is a comprehensive platform that appeals to many users. In other words, different categories of users can benefit from its unique features and superior functionality.

NFT Monk Caters BUB as well as B2C Segments as well by offering End-to-End API Driven fully automised NFT Solution.

This system is designed specifically for the organisations of all sizes including SME’s, educational institutes like Schools, Colleges and Universities. Documonk enables organisations to issue tamper proof digital documents which may include certificates, letters, agreements mark-sheets etc in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Our system hashes digital documents with a patent-filed algorithm. Any changes to these documents post issuance voids the hash and hence making the documents tamper-proof till eternity.
  • These documents can be easily verified by anyone eliminating the need of any resources for the specific purpose and this results in huge cost savings.
  • The ledger all these documents is always available on the blockchain, which anyone can verify with or without our API’s.

Trustmonk is a decentralised escrow and depository service specially crafted around trades involving cryptocurrency. With blockchain’s impartial and secure nature, Trustmonk also provides safe custodian services to its users.

Using the transparency of Smart Contracts, Effecient KYC & AML policy – Trustmonk makes it possible to hire secure escrow services with regulatory oversight for commerce and businesses around the world. These escrow services are 10x cheaper than the legacy escrow providers and can work across borders without any complicated processes.

Trustmonk is a truly unique and extraordinary product currently available to use only by invitation or application.


ID Theft Protection’ is a solution + services product which requires customers to pay up an annual premium which will provide the customers with a Universal app to monitor & protect users digital identity. Further, the customer is protected against any financial losses due to identity theft or online scam/fraud in the form an DeFi digital identity underwriting.

Apart from the access to the powerful blockchain backed”Universal App” which monitors customers emails, devices, Digital Ids, Credit Score etc. the customer will also get access to services like Lost Wallet Assistance, Cyber Assistance and on demand automised smart DeFi Online Transaction cover if the customer faces financial loss due to digital transaction caused by stolen/compromised digital identity and if determined true by the dotlink smart- system. The Universal App and the smart-contract enabled system serves as a solution while additional benefits classified as services.

All Initial Monk Token holders will get complimentary access to this product for 24 months without any additional charge.

Under Development

Coming soon.

Some of the products listed here are under internal beta test.


MetaMonk is our take on the world of metaverse, a virtual world where the fun and adventure never end. Our MetaMonk metaverse will integrate all the other parts of the Monk ecosystem.

For instance, NFTs purchased from the NFT Monk marketplace will be available in the MetaMonk metaverse. Other assets on sale are virtual lands where users can buy, build on, sell or rent, just like in the physical real estate.


We are building a massive decentralized marketplace for physical goods to bridge the gap between the blockchain and physical worlds. It will be a normal shopping marketplace; the only difference between both will be that the data from the decentralized marketplace will be tamper-proof and highly secured.



 We are also working on a decentralised all in one ticket booking platform that will include holiday package booking, flights, travels, cruise & hotel bookings and entertainment bookings such as movie or event tickets.



We will be launching the a payment gateway service for cryptocurrencies for businesses around the world – subjected to regulatory approvals, which in the future will also provide easy access to credit facilities.


 Bills and utility payments can be done through our payment gateway, where you can use the Monk Tokens as a payment method. Bills of any utility company, not limited to electricity bills, phone bills, and credit card bills, can be paid using our payment gateway.


We will be offering coupons from various vendors for using our products/services. These coupons can be used at various brand outlets and redeemed at online stores of various brands or on our platforms.


A decentralised gaming engine is under development. This type of gaming would eliminate the need for heavy computers to play games.

Just a high-speed broadband connection and a basic communicating device like a VR headset are sufficient for this gaming. Monk tokens can be used in these games for the upgrade of avatars and various other premium features. The wearable NFTs purchased from NFT Monk can be used in this gaming platform.


We will launch our decentralised cryptocurrency exchange soon, where the top cryptocurrencies and tokens will be listed.

We intend to become the first exchange to launch Derivative segments of these cryptocurrencies and tokens to the Indian audience.